November 13, 2012
so it’s international friendly week.

At least it’s a week, instead of the two-week interlull for qualifying that come in club seasons. But still, football is football. There are stars resting injuries (C. Ronaldo, van Persie being a couple) instead of playing for their respective nations, but that means other players get a shot at a cap.

If you’ll be watching some international action over the next couple of days, what or whom are you looking forward to watching?

  1. lollipopvomit answered: Germany v Netherlands!
  2. villolis answered: PANAMA VS SPAIN… CMON SPAIN. VIVA ESPA√ĎA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. nothingaboutfishing answered: France beating Italy! Allez les Bleus
  5. emmanuelnegro answered: Italy vs France, no doubt. That match is NEVER “friendly”.
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