February 24, 2012
Cost of Glazers' takeover at Manchester United reaches £500m | David Conn | Football | guardian.co.uk

If this is not staggering to you, then you need to read it again. Even Manchester United haters like yours truly have to be flabbergasted by those numbers. Imagine the reinforcements that could be purchased to have made a real run in Europe instead of being nipped by Basel and playing in the Europa League in the name of servicing the owners’ debt to make the purchase of United.

All one can surmise is that United are truly screwed when Sir Alex Ferguson retires.

(American football fans, particularly those living in the Tampa area, might also want to be flabbergasted by this, as you might wonder how much this leaves the Glazers to spend on their NFL team.)

August 23, 2011
Trecker: Strike puts La Liga's future at a crossroads - La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN

I don’t necessarily believe an American-style salary cap is the solution to European football’s financial shenanigans as Fox Sports’ Jamie Trecker does. International transfers are too big a marketplace in club soccer to keep that cap consistent with currencies differing between countries.

The real problem in Spanish football is that there’s no formalized punishment in footballing terms for poorly run clubs. If your English club goes into administration, you’re pretty much relegated because of the point docking. In Spain, that costs you no points and removes the incentive to at least behave within your means of credit. The outlandish TV deals for RM and Barça are another problem, but the lack of point docking for administration sticks out like a sore thumb.

August 19, 2011
Strike brings pain to Spain over players' demand for emergency fund | Sid Lowe | Football | The Guardian

If you’ve not noticed the headlines over the past few weeks, there will be no action in La Liga this weekend, as the players are striking over many clubs not paying the players. With many first division clubs in administration (and in Spain, this carries no point penalty), there are a lot of players who aren’t superstars and aren’t earning their living.